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September 2, 2019
Arkansas Razorbacks vs Portland State Recap

Photo Credit: University of ArkansasAfter watching this video, let me know your thoughts. I am hopeful the Hogs will get better as the season progresses. Coach Chad Morris and his staff continue to recruit quality players that will work I’m his system.

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July 14, 2019
Zeal Sound Studio Microphone Review

ZealSound Studio Microphone has a built in sound card and has the ability to toggle on or off the echo effect. The mic does a decent job of capturing your voice and is pretty strong—it’ll pick up background noise! Overall this mic is perfect for podcasters, amateur singers, and YouTubers.

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July 14, 2019
Doritos Blaze Review

Turn up the heat? That's what Doritos is doing with their latest Doritos Blaze chips. I had the luxury of trying them out for the first time. Anyone close to me knows that I am a Doritos Cool Ranch kind of guy. I prefer cool ranch over any other Doritos chips. So let's cut to […]

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July 8, 2019
CCVOO Natural Beard Oil

With everyone growing out their beards, it is only right that there are several beard oil options out there. I’ve tried the different kinds of oils that are on the market. Check out the video below as I discuss my opinion about the oil.

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July 5, 2019
Queen Sugar Season 4 off to a great start

I’m not going to even lie. I thought me and my wife were done watching Queen Sugar. We were already three episodes behind anyway, but we still kept the episodes on our dvr. Guess what? I’m glad we didn’t discard those episodes. The picture above is fitting for this write up. As you can see […]

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June 22, 2019
Matedsous Premium Earphones Review

I've had the opportunity to review all types of earphones. Some were better than others! I think I may have found the pair of earphones that I actually think ranks #1 so far. The Matedsous premium earphones are well-priced and have amazing sound quality! With the built-in microphone you are able to field calls as […]

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June 21, 2019
Hello All!

Welcome to my new website. I have finally made up my mind on a design. In the coming days, you will hopefully see new content being posted. If you have followed my blog before you’ll even see some older posts. What to expect? I want you to get ready to experience some quality reviews. It […]

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