Queen Sugar Season 4 off to a great start

I’m not going to even lie. I thought me and my wife were done watching Queen Sugar. We were already three episodes behind anyway, but we still kept the episodes on our dvr. Guess what? I’m glad we didn’t discard those episodes.

The picture above is fitting for this write up. As you can see Ralph Angel and Charley are both looking away from Nova. In my opinion rightfully so. For those who haven’t seen this season’s episode, I’m about to spill some beans.

What’s the big deal?

Nova Bordelon and her tell all book is the center of attention in Season 4. Her book is entitled “Blessings and Blood.” In this book she gives details about each one of her family members and it gets personal.

What is crazy about the whole situation is she did not consult with her family about the contents of the book. After getting a stern lecture from Hollywood, she then took it upon herself to give each family a copy of the book manuscript.

I assume she did this to try to cover herself against the backlash she would receive from her family. Of course it backfired big time. Let’s discuss each character and the impact of the book on their lives.

Charley Bordelon-West

Charley Bordelon

Charley Bordelon-West was attending a women’s panel discussion. Out of the blue, a woman I assume was a reporter brings up an excerpt from Nova’s book. In a nutshell, Nova bashes her sisters decision to pay the woman who claimed that Davis West and his teammates raped her. Nova states that her sister is assisting in the problem in terms of aiding men who rape women. Although I agree with Nova’s stance on the issue, she should not have put that in the book.

Ralph Angel

Ralph Angel Bordelon

Out of all the family members, Ralph Angel has had to fight to gain his identity due to his past life. He’s turned things around by managing the farm his dad willed to him. He is also off probation.

He has a son named Blue with Darla. Long story short, last season Darla revealed to Ralph Angel (RA)that Blue is may not be his biological son. No doubt Ralph Angel was devastated and had resentment towards Darla. DNA confirmed that Blue was not RA’s son. Fast forward to now to Season 4 and Ralph Angel and Darla seem to be getting along quite well.

Nova’s book opens an old wound for Ralph Angel by revealing to the reader that he is not the father. Talk about disrespect to your own brother! To me, that is a subject Nova should not have touched.

Aunt Violet

Nova’s desire to peek into her Aunt’s life brought back old chapter in Aunt Violet’s life. His name is Jimmy Dale, her ex-husband. Jimmy Dale comes to visit Violet to make “amends” but based on his actions I could tell he was still the same low down man Aunt Violet was afraid of. Because Nova sought information from Jimmy Dale, I believe it made Jimmy Dale want to come and visit Aunt Violet.

Near the end of episode three, Aunt Violet tells Nova she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her ever again! Nova has brought the ultimate pain to her Aunt’s life.

Final Thoughts

I know this is just a show (laugh), but it feels like reality because there are people out there who would do exactly what Nova has done. Nova feels she is liberating herself by exposing her families flaws.

Although she has revealed some of her flaws, she has yet to address one that she is hypocritical about- sleeping with a married man who is a white cop. I personally have nothing against interracial relationships. My point is Nova isnot being true to her cause at all. It is to be seen if she reveals that relationship in her book.

My conclusion is simply this: Nova should mind her own business. What do you all think? Is Nova justified in having this book published with caring about the feelings of her family?

Note: I know this is all part of the script. This is when you know a show is good. It should make one want to give his or her opinion.

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